Lingerie shopping is a personal experience. It can take a while for someone to be impressed by a new bra given how many unsupportive and uncomfortable options are out there. Especially after breast surgery when a woman is reviewing their breast reduction before and after results. You want to find the wow factor in a bra or underwear, that changes the way you feel about your whole collection. It is no secret that everyone will shop for lingerie with different ideas in mind. The smaller chested friends may be wearing the dainty underwear and bralettes. The more prominent chested people prefer wearing something with supportive underwire. It is important that you know what you are looking for in your lingerie, to give you a starting point.

Time to get sized up

Did you know around 85% of women are wearing the wrong size? Wearing the right sized undergarments is very important for comfort, especially if you have had breast implant replacement procedure, you need to feel supported and comfortable. It is recommended that you get adequately sized by a professional to work out your exact sizing. This is a service that is provided free by most retailers and will make your shopping a lot easier. Once you have the correct sizing for your body, you can work out your lingerie style. If you are going to invest, then you need to be supported and 100% comfortable.

Look for good quality

When you are shopping for lingerie, it is essential that you go for the high-quality pieces that are likely to last for many years. As underwear gets worn so close to the body, you should choose the ones that are made of suitable quality materials that are safe and gentle against your skin. The cheaper materials will cause discomfort and irritation, which is something you don’t want to have to deal with.

Buying lingerie needs patience and time. Try the bras on and see how they feel against your body and whether you feel supported enough. Ensure you are sized correctly by a professional who is passionate about what they do. The mission here is to help you feel comfortable finding the right lingerie for you. Sometimes the most fantastic feeling lingerie can be found tucked away in the little retail stores you never knew sold lingerie. Give it a go; you may just come across the lingerie of your dreams.

Here are a few retail stores you might not have known sell amazing lingerie:

Lonely: This shop is useful when you want lacey pieces. If pretty dainty, lacey pieces make you smile then you need to visit the lingerie shop Lonely.

Net-a-porter: If you are looking for lacy underwear pieces and silky bralettes, everything in the lingerie section of this shop is a designer’s dream.

Nordstrom: A shop good for your everyday staples. We may fall in love with the lacy, dainty lingerie pieces, let’s face it sometimes we want to feel comfortable in everyday staples. 

Need supply: A good shop for under the radar comfortable brands. Need supply have a selection of the lesser-known brands that is a minimalist’s dream come true. You are sure to find a new favourite when shopping here.Aerie: If you have trouble finding your size, then this is the shop for you. Aerie is very generous with their range of styles and sizes that fall into a reasonable price range.