You may be surprised to learn that most women find that buying a bra and figuring out what your true size is a complicated process. There is actually more you need to consider and think about when it comes to correctly fit a bra. If you have had breast augmentation then the process is even more daunting and complicated in terms of sizing. 

Here we offer some tips for choosing the right size bra:

Do you know the signs to look for that a bra doesn’t fit correctly?

Do you ever spend the whole day feeling a little uncomfortable? Perhaps something is irritating you, or digging in to you, or feeling a bit tight chaste. Listen to your bra; it is talking to you. Before you take your bra off think about what is bugging you. It is quite common for the hook and eye latch at the back to itch and irritate women. Sometimes the care labels are sharp and scratchy. Another common complaint is that you can feel the wires digging into your skin. You may spend the day uncomfortable, but sometimes we get so busy that we forget, or we don’t bother, taking the time to work out what’s ruining our day.

If your bra is bringing you more discomfort after a day’s work than your shoes are – then it’s time to address the problem.

This is where the t-shirt test comes into play. Go and put on a white t-shirt and take notice as to whether you can notice the bra clearly, if the cup edge is gaping or bulging and whether the strap on the side is visibly digging into you. If you answered yes to any of those, then you are most definitely wearing the wrong size bra.

What is a bra fitting like?

All women should go and get fitted correctly, especially those who have had breast enlargement, to ensure they are wearing the right bra shape and size for them. The store clerk will measure your rib cage and the bust with her measuring tape. This will inform her of what your cup size you are, and band size you are. You may think that you are just being measured but actually more is happening. The clerk is also taking notes about your body shape, the shape of your breasts and what brand you are wearing and what is wrong with it.

Does it matter what breast shape women have?

Most women just focus on the size of their bra instead of taking into consideration the breast shape also. If you have breasts that point outwards, then it is going to be hard to fit you with a full underwire bra that covers the whole breast area. If you have a distinct bra shape, then you need to be looking for a bra that has a shorter wire which will stop right underneath the breast instead of encircling completely around the breast tissue.

Do your straps fall off your shoulders a lot?

If you have narrow or sloped shoulders, then you could be experiencing regular strap slippage. In this case, we recommend choosing a plunge bra shape, or even a racer-back style bra. A racer back shape means that the straps that are further in on ten back, or sometimes they join to actually become one central back section of the garment. Many women tend to buy bras online and don’t even think to adjust the straps to match their measurements when putting them on. Not adjusting the straps can also lead to plenty of strap slippage.

Should bras be hand washed?

The best way to wash your bra is to hand wash it, but let’s be honest it’s hard to find someone willing to hand wash all their underwear these days! The next best thing is to get yourself a lingerie bag to wash them. This will help the wire keep its shape and not snag on other things in the wash.

Getting a professional fit for your bra is the best thing that you can do for your bust, your back and your happiness. Don’t be stuck at work all day with an aching back or irritation because your bra doesn’t fit correctly. Get a professional to fit you and feel the difference that comes with a bra that fits you correctly.