A brand new technology firm based in Birmingham, Michigan, is focusing on helping seniors prevent falls and slides. This new innovation in medical tools is becoming widely available and is one of the first of fall prevention products to be sold to individuals as well as through hospitals, aged care homes and other clinics

Safe Balance co-founder and occupational therapist Nathan Clinton-Barnett stated he hopes to sign at least four contracts shortly after starting due to their innovative software technology which assesses an individual’s balance and suggests falls prevention training methods to lessen the danger of falls.

It’s the very first of its type in the country to offer equilibrium testing to recognize acute, moderate and little balance impairments. Clinton-Barnett is also is the organization’s executive vice president of medical care services and believes that through his test environment management strategy the company has offset the possibility of collapse before it occurs. … They bring their mobile device to the resident.

Clinton-Barnett stated that their new innovative healthcare equipment mobile device — known as Dynamic Arc — has been shaped just like a “T” and folds up like a Swiss Army knife to fit in a little bag. The U.S. spends $34 billion on fall-related traumas and predictive approaches are essential to give people security.

Potential customers include nursing homes, rehab centers, hospitals, and independent living and assisted living communities in Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas, Louisiana and Florida.

Safe Balance has got an immediate revenue (online) strategy in addition to developing affiliations with big home health companies in the Midwest. The organisation will sell subscriptions to the elderly community. After this is accomplished, Safe Balance will come in and evaluate resident’s dependent on the bundle they buy. The price is passed on to the occupants. It’s revenue generating for its centres.

Clinton-Barnett projected earnings this year of roughly $500,000, rising to $3 million in 2017. The business hires four fulltime employees, a contract sales force of four and six clinical contract staffers.

Sheila Bullard, Safe Balance’s vice president of business development, stated there are lots of fall prevention applications, but many are warning or reactive systems. By way of instance, hospitals have set up alert monitors under beds to alert staff when a non-mobile patient tries to escape the bed. Patient falls at hospitals are a significant concern. There is not one single app that has been put through managed testing services and focuses on the individual indicated Bullard.

Utilizing the patented Dynamic Arc system, individuals are hooked up to the medical instruments and require an eight-minute test according to regular functions.  Placed on the apparatus; individuals reach to get a mug out of a cabinet or reach over in the shower. The evaluation is done by an occupational or physical therapist. This creates a report based on age and equilibrium that may be examined. Information created leads to recommendations which could consist of strengthening specific muscles or information to use a walker or cane for safety.

Though Clinton-Barnett’s unique business was set up as Functional Innovation Enterprises, Clinton-Barnett explained the firm morphed into Avantius Medical Equipment LLC beneath a joint venture together with investor Frederic Jouhet. Avantius owns the patent to Dynamic Arc and has exclusively licensed the technology to Safe Balance.

Clinton-Barnett, combined with the three other Safe Balance creators, such as Bullard, Jouhet and Diyan Hermiz, obtained help in the the Oakland University Incubator and guidance from the Michigan Economic Development Corp.

Nathan has successfully transitioned through several important landmarks of entrepreneurship, especially in the health care field, according to many experts in the Med-Tech Start-up space.

Amy Butler, executive director of OU INC stated in an announcement stated, “He saw a need, developed a solution, brought it to commercialization and then was able to look at broader application and use. His determination and skillset, coupled with leveraging available resources, positioned him to attract new venture partners. He has been a great client to work with.”